Whitepaper Translation

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May 19, 2019

Online Whitepaper Translation

Unlike other fields of translation, which were around for a long time such as Legal Translation and Technical Translation; blockchain technology, therefore the term Whitepaper Translation is still too young and should only be handled by experts. You have likely put significant time and energy into developing your blockchain project and writing your whitepaper. If you are interested in reaching a truly global audience with your blockchain project whitepaper though, you must take the next step and put some thought into how to get your message across in the most effective way possible. 

More than simply writing your whitepaper in your native language, appealing to a wider audience requires excellent translation and localization of your whitepaper content.  Far from being a necessary evil of trying to reach global investors, translation and localization of your ico whitepaper content into multiple languages confers real advantages and benefits to your project. Now that you’re looking for a translation firm, you should compare the whitepaper translation cost and whitepaper translator rates carefully along with the quality of translation services delivered.

Whitepaper Translation Service

You should always remember that no matter how great your project is, if you don’t take the whitepaper localization process seriously, you may fail to achieve the desired results. Since most translation agencies do not focus on blockchain translation and offer online whitepaper translation as a side hustle, it can be difficult at times to find the right translator that will work on your whitepaper for the set whitepaper translation price.

No matter how experienced a translator is, if he or she is not familiar with the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency markets and therefore ICOs, the results may not be satisfying. Of course there are bilingual people and well-known whitepaper translators who have translated several whitepapers before but it can be a good idea to work with a professional blockchain translation company to help you find the right translator for your blockchain project that offers revisions and whitepaper proofreading services online, free of charge.

Whitepaper Translator

If you wanted to have a whitepaper translator translate your whitepaper into several languages, it can take too much time to find all these individuals to help you with whitepaper translation one by one. Therefore, working with a professional whitepaper translation services provider can save you a lot of time and money. That’s where we come in. Cevir.io whitepaper translation platform offers whitepaper translation services in 60 languages including English, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and French.

Most blockchain whitepapers are focused heavily on the technical aspects of the project, and rightly so. Explaining the technology behind the project helps investors to understand the true potential of the project. Likewise, a strong emphasis on the benefits of the technology being developed helps investors make informed decisions. However, focusing on the technology to the exclusion of translating the whitepaper into a language that is easily understood by your target audience of investors is counterproductive. To attract a wide audience to your blockchain project, your whitepaper must, quite literally, speak their language.

Whitepaper Localization

You should not forget that how you showcase your project matters a lot if you want to reach out to new customers and potential investors overseas. You may consider working with a whitepaper localization service provider to address your target audience in a professional way and showcase your crypto currency, blockchain project, crypto exchange or blockchain services online.

Even though it seems like a cheap alternative, machine translation may not be the most suitable option for the translation of your whitepaper. You wouldn’t want some random text from the Bible to appear on your landing page after all. Cevir.io blockchain translation services can make sure that such things do not happen and offer you whitepaper localization services tailored to your needs. We offer professional whitepaper translation services at affordable rates. Contact us today to check out our whitepaper translation quotes.