Localization Service

Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions

Localization Service

Receive Localization Service Online in 25 Languages

Cevir.io provides Fast, Reliable, HASSLE-FREE Localization Services

It’s time to say goodbye to your hesitations of entering new global markets!

If an online localization service is what you are looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our professional localization agency is here waiting and ready to help you too with its online localisation service!  

We take great pleasure in providing professional localization services in an astounding 25 different languages.

Our most prominent ones include: English, French, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic.  

So, whether you are looking for Russian localization services or Spanish, or Portuguese or German, we can help.

Our online localisation agency will be happy to provide a localization service for you, in any of our 25 languages, be it in Swedish, Norwegian, German, or Russian. Simply place an order and leave the rest to us. If you're curious about our localization service rates, simply upload your file for an instant quote.  Get your Free Quote TODAY! 

Our localization agency has helped many businesses with its:  

Software localization service

App localisation service

Website localization service

Game localisation service                                                               

Professional Localization Services for your Business

What is localization?

Is localization just another fancy word for translation?

Not at all!

Localisation can be defined as the process of the adaptation of products such as software applications, websites, and gaming apps or services to fit properly into specific local culture markets.

Our professional localisation service will help to smooth your transition into new foreign markets.

Our service also comes with affordable pricing.

We help make your products look and feel as if they are made locally in that specific country.  

Although our online localisation service includes translating text in a way that preserves its original meaning, localization does far more than that.

We look beyond the text to ensure that the translation and the message fit properly into the target culture as a whole.

An online localization service is a must for businesses when it comes to localizing documents like:  

Marketing brochures

Product information leaflets

Website content

Product labels

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Online Localization Service for Online Businesses

Why is localization important for an online business?

We live in an exciting new global village, where our target markets are no longer restricted by geography.

Modern buyers have become accustomed to having access to global products and services readily available in their native language.  

To successfully expand your business worldwide, the right localisation strategy and service will be an absolute necessity for your brand.

It’s important that you invest in an experienced localization services provider.  

The benefits of localization for your business. 

Localization does more than just direct translation. It takes an expert at localizing to carefully craft and adapt content to resonate with the local audience. It’s imperative that it is done in a way that’s aligned to meet their local cultural values.  

Even after spending millions of dollars, companies can often land into hot waters simply because their new campaign slogan translates into something that was seemingly offensive or confusing to the locals.

Though these mistakes can be humorous, they can result in disaster for newly introduced products.  That’s why you need to invest in the right, professional localization services for your website and software application that will help to get the right message across and prevent pitfalls like these.

Smooth transition into new markets results in more satisfied clientele and increased sales for your company. Get a quote today! 

Continuous Localization Solutions

Investing in localization gives you a competitive edge.

Going up against companies that are native and know the ins and outs of the local market can be pretty tough.

They will naturally be able to win the trust of the local audience, but localizing your product can provide you with a fair and equal chance of succeeding.

With your global competitors, by localizing your product, you can easily dominate and get a firm hold in the new market. 

Localisation helps you enter new marketplaces 

Entering a new market can be nerve wrecking.

There are many barriers that a company has to face when they launch their product or services in a global marketplace. From legal issues to currency exchanges to cultural and communication challenges, your progress can quickly be slowed.

While localization can’t overcome all of these hurdles, it can provide ease when it comes to cultural faux pas that has the potential to damage your brand’s image. 

With a good localization strategy in place, you can easily avoid translation blunders and gain traction in a new marketplace quicker.  

Localization increases your brand loyalty & revenue

If you can satisfy your customers with successful introduction of one great product using the best localization solution, you have an open door to introduce future products.  

Winning their trust will help in growing your brand’s loyalty for future endeavors. A bigger audience will consequently result in more revenue and opportunity for your company. 

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Why choose us as your localization service provider?

Localization Solutions Made Easy

The high-quality localization service provided by Cevir.io ensures a smooth transition into new markets by translating and localizing a document in a way that doesn’t change its actual meaning and context.

In today’s rapidly growing marketplace, you need agile localization services that are easy to use, cost-effective, and accessible 24/7.  

Professional High-Quality on-demand Services

We at Cevir.io take great pride in our highly experienced and trained localization specialists who have been in the business long enough to understand the requirements of each business type and its specific localisation needs.

Some our most popular services include software, game, and website localization services.  

We localize in 25 languages

We localize in several languages to better accommodate our customers, which include:

English, Turkish, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish Portuguese, German, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian Dutch, Bosnian, Hungarian, Greek, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Kurdish, Bulgarian, and Catalan. 

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Why choose cevir.io as your language services provider?

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