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    Looking for an English to Norwegian translator? Cevir.io allows you to receive professional Norwegian to English translation services from experts!
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English to Norwegian Translation Service

English is still one of the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world today. It is considered as the lingua franca of the business world and almost every big company and service provider uses it on a daily basis to interact with its employees, customers, partners and local authorities. While the language itself is a very popular one spoken by millions, finding the right professionals to translate English document into Norwegian can be difficult at times.

If this is the first time you are searching for an expert English to Norwegian translator or a Norwegian to English translation company and you have found yourself lost among Google's search results for ‘‘translate English to Norwegian’’ you can trust Cevir.io Norwegian to English translation agency and access certified translation services following a very straightforward process. Our quick English to Norwegian translation office has provided language translation services to meet the demands of its multinational clients from all around the world. PDF translation service is also provided by Cevir.io

Norwegian to English Translation Service

Cevir.io English to Norwegian translation platform provides its clients with sworn translation service in this language pair as well. The language service provider comes with the best Norwegian translation quotes. Upon selecting the language pair, you will be asked to specify the field of translation as legal, academic, medical, or technical Norwegian translation. Once you have uploaded your document, our translation firm will assign the English to Norwegian translation job to a specialized translator.

Cevir.io always aims to produce the highest quality Norwegian translations, and, because of this very reason, requires its translators to pass multiple translation tests successfully before joining its expert translator team. When the professional Norwegian to English translator is done with translating your document(s), specialized proofreading team of Cevir.io certified Norwegian translation bureau will review the translated document and submit your document after making the necessary amendments.

English to Norwegian Translation Office

Translating documents from Norwegian into English and vice versa requires sticking to a specific roadmap that includes several steps including translation, proofreading and editing. It is crucial to work with only professional Norwegian language specialists throughout the whole process to ensure the highest quality in Norwegian translations. Cevir.io specialized English to Norwegian translation quality team always reviews the overall translation quality of a given Norwegian text translation before completing your order. Norwegian to Ukrainian translation services are also offered by our platform.

The proofread document is checked in terms of grammar, style and readability. Fast Norwegian translation provider Cevir.io also gives you the right to ask for revisions in case you spot any grammatical error in the translated file. When it comes to receiving Norwegian human translation service, Cevir.io is the right address where you can find the right translator for the right file. Don’t forget that you can also translate English PDF into Norwegian online through our website. Contact us today to learn more about our English to Norwegian translation rates and proofreading quotation!

Frequently Asked Questions

I was wondering if that’s possible to have a native Norwegian speaker translate English text into Norwegian online through your website, can you inform me about it?

Sure, you may find native Norwegian translators and have your documents translated through our website!

English to Norwegian translation service pricing of yours seems to be very competitive, how can I view the Norwegian to English translation cost?

You will be contacted by our sales team when you successfully upload your document and specify your terms.

Norwegian translation offices in the UK usually don’t provide localization service. Do you?

Yes, we provide English to Norwegian localization services.

How much does it cost to translate English document into Norwegian online?

Depending on the total word count, and the type of your document, you will get a quote after you fill out the necessary information.

Do you deliver English to Norwegian website translation service including the site content and navigation panel?

Yes, we deliver Norwegian website content translation service and localization service for websites.


Norwegian transcreation at its best… No need to mention how professionally they handled the whole process in a timely manner.

Caleb Byrne

Norwegian translation solutions offered by this agency were beyond my early expectations. Thanks for everything.

Sebastian Chambers

Tried their notary certified Norwegian translation service and received my documents this morning. Will order again soon.

Briggs Wong

Freelance Norwegian translators I have worked with through Cevir.io were all very talented and responded on time to my queries.

Cameron Andrews