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Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions

E-book Translation Service

E-book Translation Services

With a growing number of people preferring the e-book version to hardcopies in the 21st century, you need to diversify to maximize your potentials as an author. However, while writing a standard and best-selling e-book is essential, it is also necessary to reach out to a broader market by exploring the ebook translation services of a professional e-book translator. Though writing is an art that involves passion, it could also be your ticket to living a financially free life. And your best shot at achieving that is by working with an expert e-book translator. Ever thought a 100% ROI wasn’t possible at all? Then you sure have not explored the power of a five-star e-book translation agency. As the number of ebook readers increases, it is your duty as a writer to make sure your book is available for people from all works of life to read. E-book translation services can help you achieve this. You don’t need to break a bank for it, either. Cevir.io professional ebook translation office makes it possible in very few steps. We aim to help every writer and author break their bounds and extend their reach to a broader market that could generate massive income through their skills.  

At this point, we will gladly welcome you to Cevir.io, the world’s number one Ebook translation service provider where you can find an expert ebook translator online in no time who will professionally translate ebooks online for you. We take pride in the quality of our services and the flexibility of our e-book translation prices, which solely depend on some valid requirements like your delivery target, the word count and your choice of e-book language translation.  At Cevir.io, we help best-selling authors build a wider reach to their target audience in different languages with our first-class professional e-book translation services.

You can leverage our 25+ available e-book translation languages to convert your copies to languages like German, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many more with total ease. Our high standard delivery can never be compromised. We only use professional e-book translators for all our e-book language translation services on-demand, even for express or quick delivery services. Do you care to get an e-book translation quote for your copy today? Then contact us, or get a quote via the ebook translation section of our service page.

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Professional E-book Translators

If you could ask for one thing from your preferred ebook translation agency, what would that be? Sure guess is that you will ask for a speedy and highly efficient ebook translation service. And that is not too much to ask. First, with a strong team of highly skilled e-book language translators, who have worked in this field for many years, and highly effective ebook proofreading and editing team, Cevir.io is resolute on her promise of a fast and reliable customer service experience when it comes to translating ebooks online.

All you need to do is get a quote for your ebook translations, place an order, then relax and allow us to use the magic wand on your e-book. Our multilingual team of ebook translation, proofreading, and ebook language editing experts are ready to translate your piece to any language of your choice within the accredited language on our platform.  

Pass your dreams to Cevir.io e-book language translations, and let’s bring them to reality. That dream is too big to be limited; explore the power of high-level e-books translation service and build a vast fellowship of people from different parts of the world, telling your story in the language they understand clearly.

Statistics show that at least 65% of consumers (primarily readers) who do not have English as a first language prefer their content in their language. You see that you are losing a lot on user engagement, which is why Cevir.io with its expert ebook translators is here to offer a mouth-watering top-notch ebook translation offer that can change everything for you.  

Cevir.io ebook translations firm offers you the best e-book translations services that guarantee your authentic voice and tone will be reflected in the translation. We are dedicated to helping authors pass their thoughts, stories, and ideas to their target audience in their native language. You, too, can build a substantial online presence in your niche by reaching out to more people from around the world.  

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E-book Language Translation

One fantastic thing about having your e-book translated into various languages, asides from the monetary benefits as an author, is that it builds your authority as an author. Once translated into your preferred language by our e-book translation experts, and you list them on popular e-book stores, almost anyone will be able to read about you and your work. You can extend your best-selling circle by spicing up your reach with our e-book language translation services.

Why not explore our e-book translation price today by sending over your e-book today and get the best rate for a highly engaging copy. We translate both fresh and already published e-books with a guarantee of excellence. There are no limits to the number of times you can revise your work with us!

Thanks to our innovative and straightforward user interface, you can also ask for an e-book translation quote depending on your total word, make modifications and get replies within the shortest duration possible. You can contact us today for questions and clarification on any details relating to e-book translation today, and we will get back to you within the shortest duration possible.

What happens when I send my copy?

Once we have confirmed you uploaded your e-book to our system, we evaluate the nature of your content and your preferred requirements and immediately assign an expert e-book translator to handle your project. We accept file format compatible with most self-publishing platforms like PDF, Mobi, Epub and doc or docx files.

Please contact us today to discuss your preferred e-book file format and target language.  

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