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Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions
Trusted Translation and Localization Solutions

Google AdWords Translation Service

What Are Multilingual Translation Services for Google Ads Campaigns?

Google AdWords or PPC is an online digital advertising method in which, when a user types keywords related to the content of your advertisement into the search engine; it will appear on the search results page. In this way, the advertising shown will be relevant to the user's search, and the chances of arousing their interest will be greater... Naturally, intending to work on an international scale, it is necessary to adopt a multilingual approach tailored to each target audience.      Why Do You Need to Translate Your Adwords Campaign Professionally?   AdWords should not only have perfect translations that comply with the search engine's text-length specifications. Content must also be adapted to the searching behaviors of target audiences in the respective countries to be effective. Therefore, AdWords translations are only provided by native-speaker translators - with extensive online marketing expertise.

Get more Exposure Globally By using AdWords ads Translation

Suppose you do not have a solid knowledge of the recipient's culture. In that case, this process can be complicated - which is why relying on an agency as experienced in the sector as global voices are the winning choice.  Therefore, a multilingual search for Google Ads campaigns implies the selection of keywords and the translation of content. Still, its key element is the targeted reinterpretation of the text so that it is in line with the expectations of the target audience and your communication objectives. It is, therefore, a fully-fledged transcreation process: a far more effective strategy than a literal translation, as the analysis and understanding of your international audience, will translate into the most effective means of gaining visibility on each foreign market. This service can be combined with multilingual SEO translation. 

Experienced Adwords Localization Specialists

The translation of AdWords texts may seem an easy exercise, summing to four lines and a handful of characters. A task easy and within reach of any linguist, which should not be underestimated…  For this type of translation, our translators strictly follow the instructions provided by web marketing agencies, which have previously launched their AdWords campaigns following the rules of the art.  

Native Translation in 25 Languages For your Google Ads / PPC Campaign

As translators in e-marketing, it is up to us to keep all the added value resulting from this research by transposing them as accurately as possible into the selected target languages ​​(25 language combinations among the most used): compelling titles and subtitles, a simple style but perfectly adapted and highlighting the key concepts, a coherent whole and a consideration of every detail.

Importance of Neatness and Consistency in Landing Page / Google Ads Translation

We pay special attention to translating landing pages so that the user abandonment rate is consistently close to “ZERO”. These landing pages must illustrate some concepts with as much clarity and simplicity as possible to guarantee an optimal conversion rate: the potential customer must feel that he has “landed” in a space that corresponds to his expectations.

The inconsistency of the messages and presentation of these landing pages can be confusing and inevitably take the prospect away from the long-awaited act of conversion.  To function and optimize their results, large online marketing entities may need the help of translation and localization service for their PPC campaigns texts. We're experts in this domain, and that's why hundreds of clients have trusted us over the past few months. 

Why Choose Cevir for Accurate Google AdWords Translation? 

Fast Turnaround

Cevir is oriented towards quality, and for this, we have an experienced team that aims to focus on quality relentlessly.  

We rely on the two points of support to achieve this: firstly, excellent translations of Ads documents and, secondly, precise procedures and quality controls.  

Competitive Prices 

Our clients often need fast translations for their Google AdWords campaigns. To satisfy this need, we offer an urgent translation modality in which we adapt to the timeframe that the client needs, whenever feasible.  

We achieve this thanks to having native translators and our managers. If you need a quick PPC campaigns translation, please tell us the maximum period in which you need it.

Our Google AdWords translation agency offers very competitive prices, and on them, we practice significant discounts for repetition and volume.


In our translation company, we are aware of the importance of punctuality, and therefore we apply great rigour in meeting deadlines, with our rate of punctual translations being higher than 99%.

We achieve this by working with serious professionals and with punctilious procedures.

Interdisciplinary Translations

Having developed different areas of specialization and having highly specialized professional native translators in other fields allows us to carry out a wide variety of projects, including projects in which within the exact text there is terminology corresponding to various areas of knowledge.

Customer Adaptation

We have a philosophy of adaptation to the needs and tastes of the client. Let us know exactly what you need, and we will do our best to provide it for you. Please let us know if the translation you need is sworn or normal. Tell us everything you need… If we can do it, we will.


All professionals who work for our translation agency sign a confidentiality commitment. If the client wishes, we can sign a confidentiality agreement with them as well. 

Why choose as your language services provider?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we keep the layout & formatting for Google Ads?

    If the text is in editable format, the format and layout will be preserved, and no extra charges will be applied. If your files are non-editable, we will try our best to maintain the formatting where possible, deadline permitting. Otherwise, if this is crucial, we will offer you DTP (Desktop publishing) work for a small fee.

  • What is localization in Google AdWords?

    The process of adapting a product for an audience in a different country, culture, or region of the world is known as localization. It seems to be more challenging than translation because it entails cultural adaptation and necessitates extensive knowledge of the local culture.

  • Do you provide Google AdWords campaign translation on an urgent basis?

    If you want your Ad to be translated urgently, you have to contact us by email, and our team will deliver the order in less time. Remember, some urgency charges would be applied to your order depending on the situation.

  • Do you use any tool for Google Ads translation?

    Obviously NO, we don’t offer such tool translation service for your PPC campaigns; instead, our service is completed 100% by professional & qualified native person.

  • How do I pay?

    You will get an instant quote when you upload your files for translation.

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